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 Meet Agnes! Agnes was our first nominated makeover. Agnes was selected because of her amazing work in the community. She was such a beautiful inspiration to work with. She is a community leader assisting refugees and their families in the state of Utah. She also is well known in her ethnic community, and works with the Pacific Islander Business Alliance.

Even though Agnes suffers from stage four colon cancer, she is committed to helping others. She is the perfect example of a caring self less individual. Agnes is also a wife and a mother. She has three children that look up to her, she is someone to admire. 


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The look

Our vision for Agnes was to give her a very natural and clean look with pops of color.  The goal was to give Agnes a simple good that she would be able to maintain with her lifestyle. 


For make up Miss J wanted to bring out her cheeks and eyes with splashes of color and accentuate her lips and lashes.


Jessica gave Agnes the perfect pop of color with a print Kimono. From there Jessica built Agnes look. She wanted to put Agnes in comfortable flowy items that would work with Agnes everyday wear. 


For Agnes hair Alyssa had to think outside of your typical hairstyle. She gave agnes some extensions to create a fuller look. 

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Introducing, Becky Suazo. 

Becky Suazo is the sister of the late Pete Suazo (Utah's first Hispanic State Senator) and has been a Social Justice advocate in Utah for more than 4 decades. Her love for Social Justice in the Utah Communities is unmatched. She has helped NUMEROUS Indian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Latinos and African Americans obtain employment, shelter/housing and more! Even losing her daughter 17 years ago did not deter her from working hard to make an impact to Utah's Social Justice system. She continued to work alongside her brother Pete to make HUGE strides in the economic development of cultural relationships in Utah. These changes will be seen long after generation after generation. 

Makeover Moments is honored to give Becky this amazing Makeover! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! 

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We wanted to give Becky an edgy new fresh look. Becky's everyday look consisted of dresses and skirts. So it was important to add a trendy vibe to her look. 


Miss j focused on a darker lip and intense eye for Becky's look. Adding a dark liner and lashes to give her eyes intensity. 


The goal for Jessica was to add edgy and give Becky a bolder look. Jessica focused on putting Becky in a different style that Becky could still feel comfortable in. Her wardrobe consisted of a black skinny jean with mules, to go with an oversized jean jacket to add that statement piece to complete here trendy look. Wardrobe was donated by Niche and Company located in Mount Pleasant, UT. 


Alyssa, was able to add color and length to Becky's hair. Extensions were added to Becky's hair to add volume and depth. Extensions were donated by JZ Styles located in Pleasant Grove, UT.